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Nice to meet ya! :>

Me elsewhere: (<-- my cosplay related blog, mostly in finnish though)………
Heya guys!

Yesterday we had Yukicon 1.5 here in Espoo. The con was named "The Obligatory Beach Episode", or in short beach filler. Because you know. Almost every anime has that beach filler episode that has nothing to do with anything :'D
I of course attended, since it was held in my home town. When I fist heard of this, I was already like I must get there no matter what!

Maybe like week ago I decided I'm going to cosplay Gou again, this time with arabic version they have in Splash Free. Gou doesn't unfortunately have offical design, so I made it up. I wanted this to be low budget cosplay so I went for little bit simpler design than the one I once drew for her (maybe doing that later~). Then Thursday I got huge urge to cosplay Nagisa, thanks to Free! Eternal Summer's first episode (which was too much awesomeness by the way and I barely made trough it alive), so I was hey why not, and took Nagisa along too. First I was supposed to wear him if I get tired of being half nake-- I mean to Gou's heavy wig. But then aichiko said she could come only for the morning so I put him first so we could shoot Nagisa and Rei together.

With kuvitelma and my friend Nana we arrived to Haukilahti beach little bit after 10 am, when the con started. Tough first we were at completely worng side of the beach since we got off the bus too early. None of us had no idea where we were going, even though we had two Espoo-livers and one who has lived here :'DDD Summer finally had arrived to South Finland after all the cold and rain, thank god.
We finally reached the right beach and found ourselves place to sit down at the rocks. I have neeever seen that much animu nerds on the beach l'D And there were so many Free!-cosplayers, which wasn't really surprising because of the second season. And you know, beach, and Free!. Soon mah Rei-chan arrived as well and we started taking pictures. I really like all of them, didn't even need edit them much at all! <3
Then I went to change my arabic-Gou. As the dressing room was really dark it was bit hard but I managed. We continued taking photos of this costume too. Then it was mostly hanging around. At one point I also went to take pictures with KikiGabriella7 as she was wearing her arabic-Haru.
Then some other of our friends arrived and one brought a beach ball, so we started playing with it. But it started to wind so we had to take few breaks. Me, Kuvitelma and Kristiina went to play suikawari, that watermelon smashing game. It was arranged bit weirdly as there were three of us and only one got to play >: but we got lots of watermelon after that~<3 Then we started to play the beach ball again, and at some point moved to water so we wouldn't hit everyone with the ball all the time. Good thing the water was quite low for long way so only tips of my wig got soaked in salt water :'D Then this little girl came to ask if she could join our game, and we let her. She was so sweet :'3 When the boys did all weird video game strikes, she tried to mimic them. Then she had to leave and we also went to dry ourselves soon and went to eat.

Yukicon Beach was so much fun! I love beaches, but I go to them too rarely, maybe once a summer. I got bit burned, but not so badly that it would bother :'D I hope this con comes back again next summer :> I'm certainly going!

I got soo much pictures of Gou now (or will, as soon as our photoshoot pictures from last weekend come). Like, I don't have this much pictures of any other of my cosplays xD bear with me! And I really really really promise I'll draw something soon! >o< I know those who follow me for art are probably bored to all the cosplay stuff. At one point I was thinking of making separate cosplay account, but then I thought that I already have my blog and Facebook and WorldCosplay for cosplay-only purposes, so I was like naw.

But, see ya later! :wave:
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