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BeyArMAMo  week 2 by SipsiNekku
BeyArMAMo week 2
I didn't have time to do my original idea for this week, so have a quick drawing of Tala. I wish I can get the other one ready for next week : > Done in SAI and Photoshop
BeyArMAMo  week 1 by SipsiNekku
BeyArMAMo week 1
It's again time for :iconbeyarmamo:! \o/ Like last year, I signed for the mini-challenge (1 picture/week). Maybe next year I'll try the actual challenge l'D Oh my god it's been so long since I draw anything beyblade! ;^; This was good way to get in again.

For some time I've been in a mood to draw some fluff~ Somehow bey-ships just come so naturally :'DD So Hilary stole Dragoon, how should Tyson get it back? ; )

Part of 100 themes, 84. Kiss

(just noticed I forgot to color Dragoon lol l'D)
Strawberry Shortcake by SipsiNekku
Strawberry Shortcake

“I’d bring the girl to one of my favorite spots and share my favorite food with her.”

It didn’t take five seconds for Gou to realize what he said… and what he was doing.

Nagisa liked the school’s swimming pool. Nagisa loved strawberry shortcake.

“Hey, Gou-chan, you have some whipped cream on your cheek.”

Her pink cheeks darkened to red as she felt Nagisa’s thumb brush the corner of her lip tenderly, his look of concentration transforming into his trademark grin.

Sometime during the summer I was looking for NagiGou fan fics, and managed to find quite few from Archive of Your Own. And they were actually good! I have become really picky with fan fics nowdays :'D
Strawberry Shortcakes by Jiemme was one of them, and immediately I wanted to draw this scene. I like how this turned out :> First it was so hard to get the poses okay, but I think I managed somehow!
Under the fireworks by SipsiNekku
Under the fireworks
for :iconpokespecialfanclub:'s contest Summer Romance And what else would be super cliche animu summer romance than the couple watching hanabi. Or do they..?

Look, I haven't forgotten my babys! My love for Oldrivalshipping still lives underneath all Free!, Attack on Titan, cosplay and everything else. Uguguu my always-to-be another Pokémon OTP <3
Yeah, um, so, first attempt in a while doing a "bigger" work, aka one that includes SAI and Photoshop, since as said I have been bit art blockish for the spring and been able to do smaller pictures for now.

Anygays, here's my entry, hope ya like it!


Artist | Hobbyist
I am

:heart: Cosplayer
:heart: artist
:heart: otaku (Beyblade, Magi, Free!, SnK, Inuyasha, Shaman King <3)
:heart: Cook/baker
:heart: lazy

Nice to meet ya! :>

Me elsewhere: (<-- my cosplay related blog, mostly in finnish though)………
Kinda went and commented for :iconfrinia: so I guess I'll have to do this :'D

Comment and I'll fill it out

If we were drunk I would...

[] Try to fight you
[] Hug you, uncontrollably cry and continuously say "I fuckin' love you man"
[] Vomit on you and pass out
[] We don't drink
[] Tell you my complex backstory 
[] Awkwardly flirt with you
[] Leave to try and get laid

To me you are...

[] Meh...
[] Sexy as hell
[] Pretty cool
[] Really cool
[] Not cool
[] Fucking awesome
[] Cute
[] Adorable
[] Creepy
[] Amazing
[] Interesting
[] That one weird guy

If we went on a date...

[] Nope.avi 
[] Treat you with class
[] Take you to a disco
[] Get all "touchy feely"
[] Spend the entire date using shitty pick up lines
[] Attempt to cup a feel
[] Try to impress you and inevitably fail
[] Look at you, thinking, "I can't believe I got this far..." 

I would...

[] Date you
[] Hang out with you
[] Beat the shit out of you
[] Show you these cool new shoes that I got for only $17.99
[] Sell cocaine to bail you out of jail
[] Take the fucking bullet for you
[] Bail you out of jail
[] Kill you 

If you looked out the window at midnight I would...

[] Hold a boom box out over my head
[] Be hiding the bushes
[] Passed out drunk in a pile of my own vomit
[] Be singing Hungry Like the Wolf
[] Try to explain to you why I am holding a gas can full of live bats
[] Throw random stuff at your window
[] Stay for a while staring

You should...

[] Repost this in your journal so I can comment
[] Talk to me
[] Notice me please.
[] Go kick some zombie ass.
[] Learn how to speak Spanish.
[] Get off of DeviantART, go out into the sun, and get laid
[] You need to hug me
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